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Agile Metrics: What to watch out for

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The results of agile metrics can provide analysis from different perspectives before a closer look. At the end of each Sprint, it is common to perform an analysis of the results achieved in relation to what was planned.

However, many teams reduce this moment only to a descriptive analysis of what happened. Where they inspect the superficiality of problems, or even worse, turn it into a status report moment.

Carry out the Retrospective that promotes the continuous improvement of your team .

The Retrospective is the time to observe, examine and reflect on how the team is working and promote continuous improvement. Therefore, it is an occasion to help the team explore new opportunities and solutions to achieve the best results. Therefore, for both the team and the organization, it is necessary to pay attention to agile metrics is of paramount importance.

Metric: Throughput

It is related to delivery capacity and is defined as the number of deliveries in a given period in which they met the definition of ready.

Know what to do with Throughput, master the flow and get more results .

In this aspect, it is not worth continuously seeking to increase the quantity of items that will be delivered. But rather measure, manage, adapt to increase value from what is being delivered.

Metric: Capacity

To better manage the agile team, pay attention to the number of deliveries that will be possible to complete within the Sprint period. Because, overloading or having work idle, represents waste with the consequent reduction of the generated value.

Master Capacity: How to Estimate Work Capacity in Agile Teams.

The more you know the team’s capacity, the better you will plan effectively. That way, understand how much work they can do with a focus on defining the product.

Metric: Lead Time Breakdown

Once you understand capacity and quantity, consider how long it will take to deliver new features, services or products. Soon, you will get knowledge about the duration with which deliveries are made. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to time, if it meets the needs of customers’ perception of value.

At the same time, it is necessary to consider each stage of the value stream with its respective duration. By reducing non-value added activities, you will be able to eliminate inefficiencies and waste.

Focus on what really generates value with Lead time Breakdown .

Agile Metrics and Company Results

The sum of the results of each team contributes to the company achieving its goals and results. The teams represent the gears that fit together and make what has been planned happen.

So by promoting continuous improvement and leveraging maturity, each team member will feel valued, generating engagement and commitment to results.

Empower people in your company using beefor. In addition to making these and other metrics available, the platform brings together several agile practices. With each one of them, you will achieve more than managing the entire value stream, it will also elevate the maturity of the teams so that they are amazing.