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Daily Scrum: Five tips to implement today

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Conducting the Daily Scrum constantly contributes to improving the communication and engagement of the agile team in favor of the desired results through the product vision. However, knowing exactly how this meeting is carried out is important so as not to lose the purpose for which it is intended.


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Several teams were used to periodically presenting the “status” of the project’s progress or deliveries to the leadership. Therefore, when making the transition to agile methods, they transfer some vices that harm the result of the meeting.


Daily Scrum with results

The Daily Scrum needs to be an effective and results meeting. In other words and in a practical way, it is where you inspect progress towards the Sprint Goal and the evolution towards the completion of the work in the Sprint Backlog. So here are 5 tips to implement today and get more benefits:


01- Respect the 15-minute timebox

According to the Scrum Guide, the maximum duration of the Daily is 15 minutes. This imposes on the team the need to be objective and direct. That is, it allows members to focus on what really matters and report progress or impediments to achieving the Sprint goal.

If the speech of a team member is not adding value, suggest that a certain issue can be resolved later, so that the focus is maintained and the timebox respected.


02- Focus on the Sprint Goal

The focus is on evaluating progress towards achieving the Sprint Goal. Each day needs to represent progress towards the Sprint goal. Therefore, in each Daily, activities are reviewed and planned for the next 24 hours.

This is where the team’s progress is inspected, limiting itself to what has been done, what will be done and its impediments.


03- Identify impediments

During the reports, impediments may arise. They appear throughout the development of activities and hinder or delay progress. It should be noted that the Daily is not to solve them, but to carry out their identification.

Then, after completion, together with the Scrum Master, take time with the members who identified the impediment to understand in more detail to help them.


04- Give visibility to activities

One of the principles of agility is to make it clear and understandable to everyone involved what is happening. In this way, transparency becomes relevant, especially in projects that involve a high degree of complexity. To achieve this, simply make available to the team, for example, the Scrum Board or kanban. Through them, the team maintains the activities and their respective status in a visual way of the progress of the sprint. By demonstrating the different stages of the value stream, it encourages communication between members and clearly conveys progress.

In this sense, hold the meeting around the task board, if you are remotely, share the virtual board with everyone to highlight the evolution towards the Sprint goal.


05- Produce an action plan for the day’s progress

At the end of each Daily, have an action plan agreed between the members for the working day. It should be possible to meet until the next day, when a new meeting will be held and the progress will be inspected again.

That way all members focus on what really needs to be accomplished.

The daily meeting is the moment in which the team articulates adaptations to be executed during the day and to be able to advance towards the Sprint goal.

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