| Agile practices to evolve the agile maturity of teams and organizations
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Agile Practices

Increase your team's productivity and delivery quality with agility!

With beefor your team becomes able to respond to rapid changes in a transformation scenario through agile best practices, such as:

  • Assessments
  • Daily
  • Planning
  • Review
  • Retrospectiva
  • Termômetro Ágil
  • Banner práticas ágeis
    Beefor Assessment

    Make diagnosis for the development of soft and hard skills for the leadership and the teams, with the Assessments.

    With Kudo Cards it is possible to promote team and people motivation and engagement, promoting greater synergy and collaboration.

     Beefor Daily

    The perfect fuel to propel your team to go further, meet Daily

    Through a shared and collaborative view of what needs to be done on the day, the team makes adaptations and gets the pace of development on track to deliver value.

    Beefor Planning

    Delight your customers by aligning and strengthening the team in all stages of the project, with Planning.

    Determine the Sprint goal and Backlog, align what the Product Backlog items will be, and discuss initial ways to complete them in a more productive and dynamic meeting.

     Beefor Review

    Review and gather meaningful feedback from the team to maximize your deliverables, with Review.

    Deliver with greater assertiveness, adapting to the customers' real needs, instead of faithfully following outdated plans and requirements, avoiding errors in execution.

    Beefor Review Retrospectiva

    Promote continuous improvement in the team, with the Retrospective.

    Observe, examine, and reflect on how the team is working today to create the development plan with improvements to push the team further.

     Beefor Termometro

    Get to know the maturity assessment model, the Team Heat - Agile Thermometer.

    Based on the most efficient scoring method, it uses several individual and anonymous assessments of each team member, which together or in specific scenarios measure the "temperature". Warm up the climate by increasing agile maturity!