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Building amazing teams, is a great challenge. Creating culture, establishing practices and flow are ways to build truly agile teams with the right temperature to deliver business value.

beefor is the management platform for agile teams, portfolios and practices that, combined with governance and strategy, scale the agile maturity of the team and provide better deliverables.

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making team awesome!

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Drive change in your team's workflow and achieve excellence and efficiency as a result.

Engage people and
eleve a cultura


Direct and tailor the work to the organization's goals.

Team temperature

Track and promote the evolution of the teams' agile maturity in a practical way.

Set up your team

Apply and measure the team satisfaction survey and promote a sustainable cultural environment.

Detailed Team Overview

Easily see team details and ensure that the team is in the best shape.

Beefor computer

Promote agility in
the team in a practical way.

Agile Ceremonies

Daily, Planning, Review and Retro

Record agility-driven meetings in a unique and scalable way.


Get visibility into the progress of deliveries and their responsible parties.


Capacidade, Lead time, Cycle Time, Throughput e CFD

Work with specific agile metrics to manage the flow of deliveries.


Gain efficiency in repetitive and manual activities that cause waste and take away focus.

Continuous Improvement

Promote continuous improvement in practice with the team

Backlog Management

Get a real-time view of the teams' backlog for better delivery planning.

Beefor people

Develop people and
consolidate top teams
performance on an ongoing basis.


Encourage an environment of recognition and work on people's engagement.


Follow the consolidated indicator of the team's health.

Niko Calendar

Act proactively by identifying the team's mood and type of behavior in specific situations.

Feedback 1:1

Schedule and maintain checkpoint frequency transparently in addition to aligning expectations and PDI deliverables.

Moving Motivators

Work with people's intrinsic motivators.

Delegation Board

Give transparency, accountability, and autonomy to the team

Tips from the Agile Coach

Act in the communication and evolution of the teams' agile maturity by recording progress.


Know, measure, plan, and act on the engagement of people and teams.

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