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Promote management efficiency to go further.

With beefor you have, in one place, results indicators, portfolio management, people and teams, project flow follow-up associated with the business strategy, and Management 3.0 best practices for value delivery.

Focus on what really matters. Manage risks and uncertainties effectively and accelerate time to market by taking care of people and teams.

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Direct and monitor initiatives and strategy in an agile and uncomplicated way.

Act tactically and operationally with resources directed to the company's strategy.


Direct and tailor the work to the organization's goals.


Align projects and strategies, enhancing the delivery of value in the customer's perception.

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Direct and tailor the work to the organization's goals.


Help teams divide up the work in a way that is directed toward the company's goals.

Backlog Management

Manage and prioritize what is to be delivered.

Gestão de Backlog

Manage workflow efficiently and objectively.

Indicators Dashboard

Identify the root cause for data-driven decision making.


Create a backlog for the team and better define the project scope and distribution in the delivery Sprints.



Gain efficiency in repetitive and manual activities that cause waste and take away focus.


Capacity, Lead time, Cycle Time, Throughput e CFD

Work with specific agile metrics to manage the flow of deliveries.


Prioritize and direct demands in a strategic manner


Engage people and elevate the organizational culture.


Direct and tailor the work to the organization's goals.



Conocer, medir, planificar y actuar sobre el compromiso de las personas y los equipos.

Set up your team

Act proactively by identifying the team's mood and type of behavior in specific situations.

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