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Direct and monitor initiatives and OKRs in an agile and uncomplicated way, in one place, with beefor!

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Get closer to the customer, with the Stakeholder profile.


Have predictability of upcoming activities with Backlog Management.


Focus on what is most relevant and in line with the organization's expectations, with the OKRs.


Focus more on delivery value with Sprint Management.


Improve your products and services with Continuous Improvement.


Check and follow the evolution of the teams' development, with Configure your Team.

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Manage the priorities of what will be delivered, with the Backlog Management.

Meet the customer's need with effective backlog management for execution, and in a tangible way. Deliver value continuously and sustainably through itemized lists for product development.

Direct and adapt the work to the objectives of the organization, with the OKR.

Manage and act in a way that is aligned with objectives, key results and initiatives through the organization's strategic OKR. Focus the work effort and increase the quantity and quality of deliverables and results.

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Bring more value and proximity to the customer, with the Stakeholder Profile.

Invite the client to follow the team's workflow more closely and give them transparency and predictability of delivery. Make the work progress tangible to the end client in a way that goes beyond expectations.

Anticipate and optimize deliveries, with Sprint Management.

Tailor what is to be delivered by performing agile ceremonies to determine the goal and backlog that will be worked on. Generate engagement among the people on the team and greater initiatives for continuous process improvement.

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Achieve better and better results, with Continuous Improvement.

Implement improvements in products, processes, or services, eliminating waste and increasing quality with every cycle.

Follow the evolution of the teams and promote their development through, with Set up your Team.

More than directing the learning is to monitor the evolution of the teams, understanding their progress as they apply and adhere to the practices within the platform.

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