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You can only manage what you measure.

With beefor, the indicators become the best allies to be one step ahead in the management of agile projects and teams, through:

  • Time Capacity
  • Lead Time
  • Custom Indicators
  • Cycle Time
  • Planning Success Rate
  • Turnover Indicator
  • Movement
  • Throughput
  • CFD Chart
Beefor capacity

Find the balance between the amount of demands to be and what can be completed, with Team Capacity .

Teams without perspectives of new challenges and deliveries lose engagement and engagement and motivation, besides generating uncertainty and mistrust. Therefore, it is fundamental for the good health and temperature of the teams, an indicator that evaluates the team's capacity, balancing the demands and its pace.


Make deliveries faster and more adaptive to market needs, with the Lead Time.

Stand out from the competition and get closer to your clients by offering an agile management that prioritizes details, keeping constant follow-up and calculations of time spent, identifying flaws in processes, and reducing delivery time.


Drive continuous improvement in the team by tracking, measuring, and giving visibility key metrics that demonstrate success, with the Customized Indicators.

Measuring and analyzing what was achieved in an effective way through management allows to make adjustments in each sprint to deliver value in a sustainable way.

Beefor Cycle Time

Identify how much time tasks are consuming in each phase of the process, with the Cycle Time.

Understand what the average time it is taking the team to accomplish a demand or delivery in each phase to identify the cadence and velocity of the team and its contribution to the demand journey.


Go beyond just planning items to be delivered, start outlining business objectives for each for each interaction, with the Success Rate Planning.

Analyzing the Planning Success Rate is not limited to checking whether all planned activities activities were completed, but rather if their completion provides value generation in relation to the value in relation to the achievement of objectives.

Indicador  turnover

Support your Agile HR team to have a more analytical view of the turnover rate, through the Indicator of Indicator.

Be able to act proactively in measuring the reasons for dismissals and to outline action plans to action plans to enhance management.

Beefor movimento

Find out how the team is progressing through its interactions with the activities, by Motion.

Teams that have Movement shifted to far above average or far below average deserve attention. Accurately assess the rate at which the team is moving on the boards and implement a more effective strategy to improve workflow.

Banner throughput

Keep project deliverables flowing in a more organized manner, through the Throughput

Improve workflow management by measuring the team's ability to deliver in a cycle of time. time cycle. Eliminate waste and find the balance for continuous delivery. continuous delivery.


Get an overview of what is happening with the team's tasks in each phase, with the CFD Chart.

Accompany the teams while maintaining the individuality of each person and their feeling towards the challenges. Agile management maintains its performance in an integrated manner with beefor. The team members signal their feelings on a daily basis, providing management with individual and overall visibility of the team.