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People are the basis of teams and organizations.

beefor is a complete agile management platform that provides a unique experience of protagonism for people:

  • Learning and development in agile practices.
  • Recognition techniques, with Kudos.
  • Visibility of initiatives: to see and be seen.
  • Practice "Moving" : What moves you and makes you happy?

    Ten motivators are presented, and each person organizes them according to his or her priorities: curiosity, freedom, order, honor, goal, interpersonal relationship, mastery, acceptance, power, and status.

    Practice "Personal Mapping" : What are your personal characteristics?

    Persona Map

    This mind map technique aims to bring people closer to the team, presenting them based on some pillars: family, education, work, hobbies, values, friends, life goals, among others.

    Practice "Niko Calendar" : How are you feeling today? Is it a good day to win a new challenge?

    Niko Calendar

    A practice to work on empathy. With the freedom to say, for example, that he is happy today, the person may have the chance to win a new project or a new challenge, for example.

    beefor generates more integration of people with people, of people with the purpose and values, and of people with the organization's goals.