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Define projects, create frameworks and workflows, track indicators, and assign responsible teams to generate valuable deliverables. All integrated and in real time. With beefor you can go further in portfolio management.

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Follow the evolution with the Timeline


Focus on what's important with the Dashboard


Have predictability of upcoming activities, with Backlog Management


Focus more and more on relevance and that is aligned with the organization's expectations, with the OKRs;


Manage the items that make up the project, with Portfolio

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Generate value continuously, with Epics;


Get a clear view of the workflow through the Boards


Increase deliverables with clear and objective communication by using Cards.

View and follow the project's evolution, with the Timeline:

Get an overview of all the project events in chronological order. With the graphical presentation demonstrate all the events that will happen over the time of the project.

Focus on what's most important by keeping up to date with Dashboard:

Analyze the most important performance data through graphs, which compile the most important indicators for management. Reduce risks and uncertainties and increase project predictability.

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Manage the priorities of what will be delivered, with the Backlog Management:

Meet the customer's need with effective backlog management for execution, and in a tangible way. Deliver value continuously and sustainably through itemized lists for product development.

Present deliveries by cycles in a continuous manner, with the Epics:

Integrate the story items that will make up the Epics for delivery in cycles, generating constant value in customer perception, in less time and greater quantity.

Direct and adapt the work to the objectives of the organization, with the OKRs:

Manage and act in a way that is aligned with objectives, key results and initiatives through the organization's strategic OKR. Focus the work effort and increase the quantity and quality of deliverables and results.

Connect teams, projects and initiatives with the organization's objectives, with Portfolio

Count on an environment to align the collection of projects and initiatives, managing to increase the amount of deliverables while accelerating time to market.

Follow the workflow, with the Frames:

Visualize the flow of demands in action by the teams, in real time for management and decision making. Choose what is best for management: Kanban framework, Scrum, or if you prefer to customize the columns as needed.

Communicate in a transparent way, through the Cards:

Clearly, efficiently and assertively describe the customer's perception of value through cards, using fields necessary for people's understanding and indicator mapping. Increase the speed and quantity of deliveries.