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The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you, the user and visitor of the platform, what measures are used to protect the personal data provided, to clarify how it is used and to ensure clarity about your rights as a data subject. This includes informing you how we collect, for what purpose and what processing is done to ensure data security.

How we collect personal data

When you browse the site and interact in its functionalities, you may have your personal data collected as described below:

  • Registration: by creating and updating your account on the platform;
  • Contact request: by providing data to enable your experience through experience access and exploration of the platform or for relationship in the e-care channel;
  • Navigation: by registering your preferences, skills, and other characteristics for profiling and interaction with the team;
  • Cookies: when setting your preferences and giving your consent to use and when browsing the platform;
  • What we use personal data for

  • Personalize your experience by offering easier navigation according to your characteristics, interests, and preferences;
  • To provide the services contracted by the platform, to meet your requests as users and data subjects;
  • Use email provider services for communication when registering, receiving a welcome email, sending relevant content information, tips for use of the platform, and marketing;
  • Provide security and protect rights through third-party services that assist in maintenance of the operational environment in order to prevent fraudulent activities;
  • Efficiently measure through analysis and statistics the access to services, define traffic and demographic patterns, and maintain the functionality of the services offered.
  • Cooperate with judicial measures and regulatory bodies that request the sharing of of data within the limits and in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Data handling

    The data collected with your consent is processed and handled in our organization in order to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability:

  • Organizational measures, such as policies and processes that regulate the handling of information;
  • Physical measures to ensure the confidentiality of data by securing the access control, and other intrusion detection actions.
  • Logical measures adopt as standard the secure development of software from its conception, as well as the protection of networks and other devices used in the information processing processes.
  • Sharing

    Your data may be transferred and treated by partners who collaborate with storage services, server hosting, communications networks, email providers, monitoring of service use, among others, always in accordance with this policy and the term of use of the service, respecting the applicable law, within the established purpose.

    In exceptional circumstances, data may be shared to meet legal requirements in compliance with applicable law, to assist in investigating or preventing suspected fraud or illegal activity, and to protect the security and integrity of the of the services.

    The platform allows registered users from the same administrator account to share data among themselves, according to the registered profile, administrator or user. As platform administrators we have the data visualization to act in support, maintenance or other services requested by the client.

    Storage time

    The data will be stored only during the fulfillment of its intended purpose for the execution of a contract or provision of services, except if there is a need to comply with legal requirements

    Registrations made for contact request that remain inoperative will be discarded after a period of 90 days.

    Use of Cookies

    Cookies are text files stored on the user's device for later retrieval.

    We collect your consent to the use of cookies according to your preferences, and this site uses the following types:

  • Mandatory: these are necessary for the correct functioning of the site, allowing basic functionalities during navigation, such as logging in, filling out forms and set preferences, among others. The correct functioning of the site depends on the the use of these cookies
  • Analytics: help improve the performance of our sites by providing an enhanced user user experience. They allow us to gather information about the quality and/or effectiveness of our services, and help us understand how our visitors use our Web sites so that we can improve the presentation of content.
  • Preferences: collect information about your choices and preferences, allowing us remember language or other local settings, and customize the Site accordingly. accordingly.
  • Data subject rights

    Our organization cares for the rights of the data subjects and we are available to the fulfillment of these rights, which are:

  • Access to personal data concerning you
  • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data
  • Confirmation of the existence of data processing
  • Deletion of unnecessary, excessive or unlawfully processed personal data
  • Data portability to another service or product provider observing the legal requirements legal
  • Deletion of data, except in compliance with legal requirements
  • Revocation of consent, pursuant to law
  • Information on sharing with other entities, if any
  • Information about non-consent
  • To request any rights as a Data Subject, please contact our Data Protection Officer - DPO via the contact information below:


    Policy change

    This policy is the result of a continuous improvement process, so changes may occur, with parts of the policy added or removed. changes may occur, with parts of the policy added or removed. When this occurs, we will update the publication date of the latest version. We recommend that you check for updates whenever when you browse.

    Last version: 26/11/2021


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