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Teams are made up of people, and people need an ideal environment for their development.

With beefor, it is possible to create greater synergy and collaboration between teams generating greater visibility of the workflow.

  • Give the team personality and define a purpose, with a Team Profile.
  • Delegate and offer autonomy, with Delegation Board.
  • Recognize teamwork, with Kudo Cards.
  • Greater communication and encouragement of continuous improvement and adaptation to change, with Tips from the Agile Coach.
  • Increase productivity and deliveries, with Daily's realization.
  • Create action plans and continuous improvement plans, with the Retrospective record.
  • Kudo Cards

    Recognize teamwork, with "Kudo Cards"

    With Kudo Cards it is possible to promote team and people motivation and engagement, promoting greater synergy and collaboration.

    Push teams to go further with the "Tips from the Agile Coach"

    Reinforce the culture, principles, and values for team development. With beefor it is possible to direct the teams to develop learning in a constant way with objective communication aligned to the OKRs. With the Agile Coach Tips, it is possible to register quick tips for the solidification of principles, values, and even technical knowledge.

    Dica Agile

    Have predictability of daily activities and keep the team on the same page with "Daily"

    Develop the values of transparency, inspection, and the daily adaptation of the team's deliverables. This practice provides greater integration of people, focus on delivery and quick response to changes, and reduces risks and uncertainties.


    Take advantage of the past to go further with "Retrospective"

    Build amazing teams with Retrospective. Moment to observe, analyze and reflect on the generation of value. Record and maintain the history of Retrospectives to create action plans and measure the evolution of teams. Also take advantage of the alerts feature for the agile ceremonies that beefor offers, and ensure that the whole team is present and engaged.