| Termos e condições de uso da plataforma

Term and Conditions of Use of the Platform

The services of the beefor platform, hereinafter referred to as the Platform, are provided by the company Beefor Tecnologia Ltda, registered in CNPJ 51.357.444/0001-10, intellectual property on software, website, applications, content and other assets related related to the Platform. Any visitor may apply to use the Platform and become a registered registered user, hereafter called User, after providing the data to make the access effective. access. This term refers to the union of the Platform and the User in certain actions as the Parties


The Platform aims to license the use of its specialized task management service, projects and agile practices that aims to gather and organize the workflow in companies, promoting agile practices and improving management through results.


The use of the Platform is conditioned to the acceptance of and compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use. To use the Platform, you must:

  • Read carefully and accept the terms described;
  • Register in the Platform with valid and updated information.
  • The acceptance is essential to access and use the Platform and its services and by consenting to it the User undertakes to fully comply with its rules, under the risk of penalties applicable

    User Access

    The Platform undertakes to use all available technical solutions to maintain its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, in order to carry out updates the proper functioning, the navigation on the platform or on any page may be temporarily interrupted may be temporarily interrupted, limited or suspended


    User registration is required to gain access to the functionalities of the Platform, and the choice of The choice of services will determine whether or not there will be payment of any financial value. The veracity and updating of the information provided are the User's responsibility, as well as the commitment to keep confidential his access data to the Platform, not sharing them with third sharing with third parties. The User is responsible for all the actions carried out with access data, and the User shall inform the Platform of any improper use of their access data. of their access data.

    By accepting this Term and the Privacy Policy, the User authorizes the Platform to carry out all treatment of his/her personal data from the moment of collection to the disposal, in the current legislation, as expressed in the Privacy Policy.

    Services or Products

    The Platform has several functionalities and tools to serve the User, which according to the type of contract chosen. There are available free and paid options are available in the Platform, and it is up to the User to functionalities and services of each plan to choose the one that best suits him/her.

    Details about the services and products can be requested so that with the proper support the User can know more precisely the characteristics, qualities, quantities price composition, warranty, and terms.


    The User is offered free use, as a mere liberality, with access to some functionalities that allow the user to get to know the tool, understand its value and how it will be useful to promote agile practices and mature management through the good results obtained.

    For full access to the Platform, the User is offered hiring plans that vary in price according to the User's specific needs, number of licenses, required disk space, among required, among others. This type of access allows the User's use to expand to functionalities and completes the User's experience by taking advantage of all the resources for project management, tasks, and agile practices.

    When requested, the details for contracting are provided and the values practiced and authorized are signed in a contract with the agreement of the parties involved.


  • On the part of the User: for contracting plans signed through contracts between the Parties, the rules governing the standards for cancellation are described in the contract itself contract itself and override any item described in this term. For free plans, the User who wish to have their registration canceled simply request the exclusion of registration on the Platform registration.
  • By the Platform: for violations of the terms of use by the Users the services and access are cancelled immediately.
  • Support

    To send questions about the correct use of the Platform or report problems, the Platform has an exclusive communication channel, the Chat, available for service every working day during business hours.

    To send suggestions for improvements, the Platform provides a feature, a button called 'Suggestions for Improvement' in the main menu, through which the User registers his suggestions and contributes to the Platform.


    It is the User's responsibility:

  • attest that he/she uses the services of the Platform by his/her free and unrestricted choice and recognizing and accepting the use of the Platform as their sole responsibility and risk Platform, as well as the consequences and results of its use;
  • correctly use the Platform, services or products offered, employing reasonable care and reasonable care and striving for good coexistence, respect and cordiality among the Users;
  • technical defects originating in the User's own system;
  • for compliance with and respect for the set of rules provided in this Term, in the Privacy Policy and the legislation in force;
  • the protection of your account and profile access data;
  • recognize that the Platform is not responsible for verifying the veracity of the information information provided by Users;
  • comments, information, attachments and links that you include or disclose on the Platform. commercial, illicit, violent, polemic, pornographic, xenophobic pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory or offensive content.
  • It is the responsibility of the Platform:

  • indicate the characteristics of the services or products;
  • defects presented in the services or products as long as you have caused them;
  • user information or comments that it discloses
  • About Copyrights

    This term regulates the granting of access for use of the services and products made available by the Platform on a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable basis.

    The commercial use of the expression "beefor" as a brand, corporate name or domain name domain name, as well as the logos, brands, insignia, layout of the Platform, content of the screens services of the Platform and the set of programs, databases, networks and files that allow the User to access and use his account, are the property of beefor Teams and are protected by international laws and treaties on copyright, trademark patents, models and industrial designs. The misuse and total or partial reproduction partial or total reproduction of these contents is prohibited, except with the express permission of beefor.


    The Platform reserves the right to warn, suspend or cancel the registration of a User who violates the regulations of this Term, fails to comply with his duties as a User or presents fraudulent fraudulent, malicious or offensive behavior, without, however, nullifying the other legal measures applicable


    Upon failure to comply with the obligations agreed to in this Term or the applicable legislation, unilaterally, the Platform reserves the right to cause the termination and blocking of all services, regardless of whether a free or paid plan is contracted. Except in cases where the contract agreed upon between the Parties have specific and applicable clauses that override this item


    The items described in this Term are subject to unilateral changes by the Platform, due to modifications or updates of services or for adaptation to meet legal legal requirements.

    The changes will be notified by the Platform itself and the User reserves the right to accept the new content or cancel it, according to the type of contract. To free registration just request the exclusion of registration and all personal data for the purpose of relationship. For paid plans, the agreement signed in contract between the Parties will be observed

    Privacy Policy

    To access the products and services the User must consent, in addition to this Term, to the provisions reported in the Privacy Policy presented to all who express interest in using the Platform.