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Agile Team: want to improve performance? You must read this first.

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Improving the agility of the company is to improve the performance of the agile team. Because when there is an evolution of each component, there is also, consequently, an evolution in the value deliveries that the team is capable of making.
Discover 05 items on how to invest in developing the technical and behavioral capabilities of agile teams that generate value for the customer and organization.

01- Know how the agile team really is

First to have a starting point, find out how the team is doing:

      • How is the work environment?
      • How is the learning progress?
      • How is the collaboration between the members?

To get this knowledge, the One-on-One (or 1:1) meeting, use this time as an opportune time to build a solid relationship with the members.

Learn how to hold 1:1 meeting: How to hold One-on-One Meeting

02- Build a better environment

In this sense, after knowing how all the members are doing, deepen bonds in the trust and transparency of all, looking for ways to express themselves.
Through Niko Niko Calendar, each team member is able to express themselves daily. Over a period, he manages to reflect on how the team is doing and implement actions for the best environment where everyone can express themselves.

Learn about Niko Niko Calendar

03- Awaken new habits and behavior patterns

Encourage a growth mindset among team members. Since no one knows everything or possesses all the skills and abilities capable of doing everything alone. Therefore, even if it is a small team, when it comes to complementing skills so that everyone can maintain the level of efficiency capable of producing the results desired by the organization.

However, if they remain stagnant and without stimulation, members end up disinterested, which directly affects productivity.

Stimulate the Mindset Triad .

04- Be clear about the purpose of the team

If organizations exist to meet a specific market need, the teams that comprise them are certainly part of this strategy. Somehow, from the individual to the sum of everyone’s work, it has a significant contribution to achieving certain goals.

That way, the direction that everyone follows needs to be the same. The more they are aligned with the objectives, the better decisions they can make about the value delivery they are responsible for.

So, it’s about aligning the purpose for successful delivery.

Understand how to build an agile team with purpose

05- Evaluate the growth journey

Ultimately, the team is equivalent to a living organism. With each delivery cycle, it learns about its results, whether positive or negative. From there, they adapt evolutionary improvements to get rid of problems and promote actions that can generate value in the customer’s perception.

After all, as time passes, challenges are overcome and new learnings emerge. Correctly evaluating this journey helps to understand how the team is becoming agile.

Conduct Maturity Assessments.

In this way, continuously develop and improve each team in the organization.

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