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Retrospective: making the continuous improvement of your team

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Held at the end of the Sprint, the Retrospective is the time to observe, examine and reflect on how the team is working and promote continuous improvement. Following the specific time box, what impacted the flow of deliveries, practices, people, communication, environment, artifacts, tools and so on will be identified. For this, the following steps are necessary:


1. Set the Retrospective Focus

An unfocused retrospective equals a meeting without an agenda. A lot will be talked about, discussed and the action with an effective result will be none. You will spend team time doing fun activities, but the main objective will not be achieved. Defining focus before carrying it out and sharing it among the participants allows everyone to prepare with the examples, evidence and data.


2. Select activity

Basically, the role of the activity is to create a playful and relaxed environment to facilitate the contribution and participation of everyone. The goal is to create and assemble evolutionary improvement insights. These activities may vary depending on the focus chosen for the Retrospective.


3. Collect evidence and data

Once there is a determined time box and everyone is aligned with the Retrospective’s focus, collecting evidence and data in advance helps to avoid “guessing”. For example: by using metrics to measure quality, productivity, adherence to the agile method, performance, value creation in the customer’s perception and other perspectives, it is possible to enable the team to find ways to identify improvement actions.


4. Prepare structure

It is necessary to define the place, time, facilitator of the activity, necessary resources, call of participants and everything else that is necessary to obtain the desired result of the meeting.


5. Carry out the Retrospective

Establish an environment of trust. In this way, everyone can be sure to express themselves without fear of any inconvenience. Through Retrospective, it is possible to search for data and evidence that will make it easier to transparently inspect what has been identified. Capture insights with insights into what could be improved. And then, decide what will be put in place to keep up with the evolution.


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