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Sprint Planning – result and value for the organization

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The expected result of holding the Sprint Planning meeting is to determine the goal and backlog of the sprint . Align which Product Backlog items the team will work on during the next sprint and discuss initial ways to complete them.

All team members participate in the Sprint Planning collaboratively:

  • Scrum Master – helps to focus and at the end get consensus on the proposed goal and sprint backlog items;
  • Product Owner – from the Backlog, it prioritizes the items that can add more value to the product and, through discussion with the developers, the items are selected and define the goal;
  • Development team – checks items and analyzes if there is capacity and ways to complete them by creating the Sprint Backlog.

The team has a maximum of 8 hours for a month-long sprint. If the sprint is shorter, the time of the meeting will be proportional to the duration of the sprint. Also, this is not a restricted meeting, if necessary, you can invite others to participate in Sprint Planning to provide advice.

Focus on Value Generation

Even immersed in the discussions of deliveries, the objective cannot lose sight of what will provide value in the perception of the customer and users.

The creation of value for the customer must be at the center of the discussion. Measure what value is being planned to be delivered , not how you are delivering it. If not, at the end of the Sprint Planning the team will only have the Sprint Backlog to occupy them.

Agility with a focus on results

Depending on the maturity of the team, many still believe that just delivering faster is Agility’s role. It goes beyond that, it’s about adapting to changes and improving results in the perception of customer and stakeholder value.


Backlog management on beefor

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