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Sprint Review: beyond the demonstration of what has been done

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At the end of the Sprint deadline, the next event will be the Sprint Review. The Scrum Team, consisting of the Scrum Master, Development Team, Product Owner, and Business Stakeholders, come together to inspect and demonstrate the results. The focus is on the product and the increase in customer value that this potentially releasable increment will deliver.

Therefore, Sprint Review is not limited to a presentation or status report of what has been completed. Within a maximum period of four hours for a one-month Sprint, or proportional if it is shorter. All participants seek together to discuss and decide how to proceed to optimize value. From there, feedbacks for the product backlog adaptations are collected. If necessary, release of the increment to production is evaluated if the Product Owner considers that there will be progress towards the product goal.

Do not schedule Sprint Review, have maturity evolution

beefor has the features that support the entire value stream through customizable columns, where items have effort points to give a more transparent view of the team’s capabilities.

By parameterizing this practice for the team, in addition to issuing notifications warning about the obligations within agile methodologies, it also becomes part of the set of performance metrics of the practices thermometer that heats up as it gains maturity and constancy in carrying out each one .


Simply scheduling and summoning participants is one level, another is measuring the regularity of each practice to compose the evolution of the maturity of the team that the beefor platform offers.

beefor can provide you with this and other features for correct portfolio management.

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