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What is Niko Calendar?

Por: 7 de dezembro de 2021 3Min de leitura

Niko Calendar It is an interesting practice to assess the feelings of the people on your team on a day-to-day basis. Its objective is to increase the motivation or well-being of the members by creating an environment where everyone can express themselves.

How Niko Calendar Works

It is a visual tool in calendar format. In it, people express themselves and the manager can act on possible malfunctions to efficiently support their teams.

Therefore, the way to carry it out is very simple: the team meets, according to a defined period, and shares on the calendar the feeling that sums up their day.

In this sense, in addition to being a support tool in Management 3.0, it is also one of the features that make up the beefor.

Thus, this 360° look at people and teams and complementing the delivery and success metrics with Artificial Intelligence algorithms is just beefor!


How to use Niko Calendar

As with Management 3.0 practices, this can be used in whatever way works for the team. There are times that prefer to identify your mood in the morning, after the daily or the end of the day.

However, the important thing is to experiment and define the best strategy together. After all, it will be moments of reflection by the team that, with transparency, everyone can contribute to building a better environment for everyone.


Originally from Japan, Niko-Niko means “to smile”. And this is your role, to help the manager and the teams to smile in the end.

Count on beefor’s support to support the cultural change of your team!

beefor it has several agile practice tools on its platform that will help the manager to perform this task. So, now that you know about this practice, see how the Moving Motivators , Personal Mapping and Kudo Cards can help in this process: