Your Daily is about to change with the beefor! – beefor

Your Daily is about to change with the beefor!

Por: 7 de dezembro de 2021 2Min de leitura

The main result that is aimed at holding the daily meeting throughout the entire Sprint is to inspect the progress against the Sprint objective, so that if necessary, adapt the Sprint Backlog.

The Daily Scrum has a 15 minute duration limit, where each developer member describes how the progress was in a clear, transparent and objective way.
It’s about alignment to create advancement plan for the day and not status .


Daily on beefor

On the beefor platform, Daily is considered as the team’s fuel to drive them forward. When configuring it, indicating the time, it also starts to score, demonstrating an increase in the maturity of the application of agility.

By carrying out it with constancy, beefor through metrics demonstrates the increased maturity of the team.

On the other hand, the team maintains the pace of development on the right path, delivering valued deliveries.


How to perform the perfect Daily

To realize the perfect Daily it is important that all members of the development team participate and collaborate to re-plan and make decisions, not to solve problems.

In 15 minutes, efforts are focused on solving everything that involves the path towards the sprint goal and managing to generate the expected business value. That’s what’s at stake!

By checking progress toward the Sprint Goal and adjusting its plan accordingly, it’s up to the team to articulate adaptations to be carried out throughout the day.

With a shared vision of what needs to be done, the team is now committed to completing its work before the next meeting.