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How task automation reduces waste

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How task automation reduces waste

Task automation reduces waste from activities that do not follow guidelines to deliver the final value perceived by the customer. The value stream is a series of stages that take place for the product or service to reach customers. Along the way, it goes through phases or departments that constantly add value until the product or service can meet all requirements. Thus, differentiating what generates value or not contributes to the reduction of waste.

First, before carrying out any type of automation, it is important to perform a detailed analysis of the flow using the following metrics : ;

  • Capacity – how to estimate work capacity in agile teams Throughput – number of tasks delivered in a given period;
  • Cycle Time – how to improve the delivery time of the agile team;
  • Lead Time Breakdown – measure how much time passes between task creation, highlighting the duration of each phase until when the work is completed.

In this way, this verification will provide elements to provide insights into which process steps need improvement.

Benefits of Task Automation

Transforming manual tasks into automatic tasks has the following benefits:

  • Increase in productivity – by not depending on the manual intervention of some component of the team, in order to concentrate on what really adds value;
  • Team optimization – enhance the team ‘s time availability;
  • Eliminate bottlenecks – eliminate tasks that limit you from producing more ;
  • Improves productive flow – increase fluidity between stages;
  • Focus on what will provide value to the customer.

However, to enjoy these benefits, it is not enough to make the improvement and that’s it. The improvement process is constant and needs to be part of the organizational culture so that the results are sustainable.

How to Automate Repetitive Tasks

For your organization to always reach new heights in terms of agile maturity, beefor launched the functionality for task automation.

This is how beefor supports the agile evolution of agile teams. It gets releases that cannot negatively interfere with value delivery, passes all the stages of value streaming, takes care of people, strategy and portfolio all in an integrated way all in one place.

Therefore, to provide greater productivity, beefor adds to its functionalities the possibility of automating repetitive tasks. Through it, without having to understand anything about programming and fully customizable, it is possible to create automations between different teams, boards and projects.

Count on beefor to perform the automation. Just access the Board menu, click on the three dots at the top of the available columns. Then “Configure Automation”.
Through this option, you can choose from the available options the one that best meets your needs.

So free your team from tasks that can be automated and achieve better and better results. Seek the agile evolution of teams and workflow aligned with the strategy with delivery of value to the business with beefor .