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What is Cycle Time and how to improve agile team delivery time?

Por: 15 de fevereiro de 2022 2Min de leitura

Cycle Time measures how long it takes for a demand from the beginning of development to go through all stages of the flow to completion. The formula to calculate it for each item is quite simple:


Cycle Time = End Time – Start Time


The time being calculated in hours or days, according to what makes sense in the context applied .
According to the customer’s view, what matters is Lead Time, because through it it is possible to measure the total time it takes for the work to go through the value stream, starting at the moment it is requested until its completion/delivery. In turn, the Cycle Time represents the time the team needs to develop the item.


beefor measures Cycle Time

beefor brings as one of the main indicators of agility the Cycle Time metric that is automatically measured from the frames that the team uses for its workflow. In this way, it is easy to visualize the average lifetime of the demands performed by the team.


How to Improve Cycle Time

Understanding how the Cycle Time result is behaving is the first step to knowing how effective the execution phase is. Therefore, the agile team must observe, examine and reflect on how it is working based on the results of this metric and promote actions aimed at continuous improvement in the meeting of Retrospective.


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